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It is no secret that the world is going green and the “eco-movement” is in full force. We have become increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, which has caused us to change our every-day habits. The world is recycling more, composting, re-using, and striving to become more energy efficient. However, there is so much more we can do to be truly sustainable! Every day, we participate and organize events that create waste and utilize resources, which exponentially increase our “footprint”. We need to consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of organizing events.

With over seven years in the business and a portfolio that includes more than 120 events, Sav Pilarinos Eco-Event Management can help you make your events as eco-friendly as possible. Thus allowing you to be part of the solution: saving the sustainable event at a time.


Lead you towards sustainability by consulting, guiding and managing your event.


Saving the sustainable event at a time.

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